Sharing is Caring – German Language Article about a Give Box in Berlin

It looks a bit like a walk in wardrobe. A big box open to everyone to enter and look for clothes, books, cd’s, household items and more. Anybody can put useful items in it and take things out.

The principle is easy unwanted things find new owners and in giving not only taking, the box remains constantly filled and attracts people to check it out on a regular basis. Constructed in Berlin Kreuzberg by two young Berliner’s the idea of giving presents and in return to receive them seems to work. Who takes also leaves something, this keeps the idea alive, also the fact that according to users the quality of things is high and hardly anyone ┬ámisuses it as a dumping ground for trash.

If you are interested in reading German language articles about this idea (other cities in Germany and Austria are planning similar projects) visit the following links:

Sueddeutsche Zeitung- Eine Kiste voller Gaben
Zum Nehmen und Geben- Die Gift Box

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