Happy Easter for all German Language Students from Language Excellence

Frohe Ostern

Frohe Ostern

Fröhliche Ostern – Happy Easter to all. Please find a list with some vocabulary and expressions for the Easter Holiday. Enjoy and have a wonderful break where ever you are.

Please don’t forget: new German language classes will start on Friday, 6 May and Monday, 9 May 2011.

Easter egg- das Osterei, die Ostereier
colouring Easter eggs- Ostereier bemalen
Easter egg hunt- Ostereier suchen
Easter card- die Osterkarte
Easter bunny- der Osterhase
Easter greeting(s)- der Ostergruss, die Ostergrüsse
Easter mass- die Ostermesse
Easter service- der Ostergottesdienst
Easter Sunday- der Ostersonntag
Easter Monday- der Ostermontag
Easter week- die Osterwoche
Holy week- die Karwoche (the week preceeding Easter)
Good Friday- Karfreitag (the Friday before Easter commemorates Christ’s crucification)
crucifix- das Kreuz
crucification- die Kreuzigung
Jesus Christ- Jesus Christus
Palm Sunday- der Palmsonntag (Sunday before Easter, marks Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem)
Paschal Festival- das Passahfest

Frohe Ostern!- Happy Easter!
Schöne Ferien!- Have a nice holiday!
Was machen Sie/ machst Du Ostern?- What are you doing at/ for Easter?
Viel Spass beim Ostereier suchen!- Enjoy your Easter egg hunt!

For sending Easter greetings as in e card format in German language go to: http://www.gruesse.de/Ostern/Ostern1.asp

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